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When you have an infestation from ants, you risk receiving bites from the insects. If you are sensitive to insect venom, then you risk having an allergic reaction such as pain, vomiting or respiratory distress. There are numerous species of ants, and some of these have larger bodies, making the insects easier to see. In addition, there are small types of ants that can hide in a building until there are thousands of the insects. The body color of ants also varies, and you can find red, white or black ants in a business or home.

Ant Control Service in Cape Coral

In addition to bites, ants can cause other problems in a building, including chewing through the cellulose materials, leading to serious structural damage or infesting a kitchen and contaminating expensive foodstuffs. If you live in a geographic region that has problems with ant invasions, then you should protect your property with preventative measures such as sealing crevices. You can also store foods in difficult to enter containers that are made of metal or glass.

Ants will also create underground colonies that can cause additional structural problems for buildings, and some types of ants will create floating colonies to survive floods. Ants that are in a crisis are more aggressive, making it easier to experience multiple bites that can lead to an allergic reaction. If your home has carpenter ants that chew through wood, then you should call an ant control company right away for assistance.

When you have ants crawling on surfaces, the insects will deposit waste that can make you ill. An ant will also collect pathogens on its body while walking through garbage or sewer lines, and this leads to contamination from viruses or bacteria. An exterminator from our company can provide a quote for services that include using bait systems that will poison an entire colony rather than only a few insects. Choose our company for your ant extermination needs in a commercial or residential property.


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