Birds & Flying Pest Control


Birds are carriers of zoonotic and dangerous diseases that can harm humans. They spread diseases such as histoplasmosis, West Nile virus, listeria, salmonella, and rabies. The diseases can either be spread through droppings or direct contact with the birds. Additionally, bird droppings create an unhealthy environment to live in. So if you’re dealing with birds and flying pests on your property, you need to do what you can to get them removed.


Bat Control and Removal

The best way to control bats and keep them away from your home is using ultrasonic bat repellant. The repellant emits ultrasonic frequencies that interfere with bat navigation. It’s a safe method to control bats as the emissions just annoy them, and won’t harm them. They will look for quieter places elsewhere, and will leave your property.


Other Flying Birds Control

Bird control depends on your physical location, as you’ll need to select a control method that suits the environment you live in. For example, if you have birds outside on the property in a rural area, you can choose to use scarecrows as a form of pest control. However, that method does not deter flying pests that have invaded your house. It may scare away birds, but is not a permanent solution.


Birds that enter your house through holes are easy to control. Identify the openings or entry points they use and seal them to prevent birds from nesting inside your home. You can also use bird spikes and repellants in areas they like to control them as well.


Other Flying Pest Removal

Good bird removal involves properly identifying species of birds inside your home, the problems they cause, and their feeding and nesting locations. One of the best control practices is to use traps. Other methods include using taste, mechanical deterrents, tactile, and sound elements. However, these are all just temporary methods. Removing nesting areas is the most efficient way of eliminating flying pests such as birds, because other birds can easily fly into the area and re-infest your home.


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