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Cockroaches can invade a building by entering a small crevice around a window or door. This variety of insect is resilient, and you can’t eliminate numerous cockroaches with store-bought chemicals or bait traps. The devices that you buy at a store will make the cockroaches more resistant to extermination, and the adult insects will continue to breed, leading to a huge infestation. Infant cockroaches grow quickly, and the insects are mature enough to breed within a few months.

When cockroaches crawl on surfaces, the insects spread horrible bacteria that can cause mild health problems such as diarrhea or serious problems such as typhoid. If a dirty cockroach has walked on a plate, then when you eat food off of it, you are also ingesting pathogens that can make you ill. It is possible to have cockroaches in a building for several weeks without realizing it because these insects are primarily nocturnal. However, when the population of insects increases, the cockroaches may scurry around during the daytime.

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The excrement and molted skin from cockroaches is also a health hazard, especially for anyone who has asthma or another respiratory disease. An aggressive cockroach can also bite someone, leading to an infection that causes swelling or lesions. Having cockroaches in a nursing home, medical facility or day care facility is particular dangerous because ill, elderly or young individuals are unable to protect themselves from the contamination of cockroach debris or bites.

If you buy a pesticide at a store, then you will probably fog your home with it, leaving poisons on surfaces such as floors, countertops and baseboards. While a cockroach might die from these poisons, the chemicals are also in the air that you breathe. Alternatively, a professional cockroach exterminator working for our company understands how to find where the insects are living to apply the pesticides directly on the correct surfaces. Call our company today to hire a cockroach exterminator for your residential or commercial property.


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