Steps on Becoming An Exterminator

Becoming an exterminator or the professional term would be a “Pest Control Technician“, can be a rewarding and fulfilling career. There are basic requirements needed in most states that seems to be the consensus. Each state differs in the requirements needed. In most states, you’ll need to complete an approved training program to obtain a license in your area. This also means fulfilling the requirements for the number of hours that you must work under the supervision of a licensed professional. An exam is needed to become a licensed professional in most states. After completion, you’ll be given an exterminator’s license after you passed the requirements needed to satisfy the state you reside in.

Keys for success in this career field requires an attention to detail, the ability to detect pests occupancy and knowledge about combining chemical solutions and safe distribution of toxic gases. Needless to say, being a exterminator requires one to have not a lot of fear of bugs and/or rodents. As well as being able to work in cramped, sometimes dirty spaces like attics, sheds or basements. Harsh chemicals are also a factor while working on a job. One must become knowledgeable on protection techniques that enable them to do their jobs thoroughly and effectively.

The average median for a pest control professional is roughly $32,000 annually.

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